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Housing and Residence Life: Fall 2021

UNO is committed to providing transparency in our COVID response, and we encourage all students to check for campus updates and information. Housing and Residence Life (HRL) continues to partner with the Office of Health Security to keep our residential community healthy and safe.  In collaboration with partners and resources from across campus and the community procedures consistent with local, state, and federal health protocols have been developed to provide our residents with a positive on-campus living experience. These plans may change as we continue to assess and respond to new or updated guidance from campus leadership, as well as local, state, and federal authorities.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Housing and Residence Life open for the fall semester?
Why live on campus if most of my classes are being held online or remotely?
What is Housing and Residence Life doing to keep our residential community safe?
Will I still be allowed to have guests/visitors on campus?
Will I still be allowed to hang out with my friends and neighbors who live on campus?
Will food service and dining halls be available on campus?
What if I want to cancel my housing contract and live off campus?
What should I do if I develop COVID-19 symptoms while living on campus?
What can I do if I have COVID-19 related accommodation requests?


Commitment to Inclusion

Recent and reoccurring instances of police brutality have rightfully brought the systemic discrimination experienced by people of color and marginalized identities, particularly Black individuals, more fully into our national consciousness. We recognize that these acts of discrimination and violence have always been true for the experience of people of color in the United States. Housing and Residence Life remains steadfast in our commitment to maintaining a culture of caring that uplifts all individuals.

We oppose racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and systematic divisions of society which oppress and harm. It is our priority to make the housing community a safe and inclusive place for everyone who lives in or visits our spaces.

Prospective Students

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Our team is dedicated to supporting students living on campus at UNO.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is Housing and Residence Life open for the fall semester?

Yes! Housing and Residence Life was open for the entire 20-21 academic year, and we are planning for fall 2021. 


Why live on campus if most of my classes are being held online or remotely?

Things on campus continue to look different than in years past. We encourage students to make the living decision that’s best for them given the changes in classes and the campus community. With that being said, living on campus still offers you the closest proximity to campus resources like the library, H&K, and opportunities for work-study. Our apartment-style residence halls offer a great deal of independence and autonomy while still providing a staff and community support structure that no off-campus landlord or residential management company can match. The mission of HRL is to provide a positive residential experience while supporting the evolving needs of our students. We are entirely focused on supporting you through a semester/year.


What is Housing and Residence Life doing to keep our residential community safe?

UNO is unique in that most on-campus housing facilities on Dodge and Scott campuses are apartment- or suite style. This means that every resident has their own room in an apartment or suite of no more than four people. Most apartments have two bathrooms, so nearly all residents share bathroom space with only one other person. This setup limits the amount of shared spaces and surfaces each resident interacts with on a regular basis.

More broadly, HRL staff is actively working to keep our residents safe. We have taken steps to observe the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidance related to COVID-19. This includes:

  • Implementing a cleaning plan for disinfecting high traffic areas and surfaces, including areas in our clubhouses, community spaces, and other points of contact between residents and staff.
  • Providing hand-sanitizing stations at building entrances.
  • Complying with campus-wide guidance encouraging the wearing of face-coverings on campus.
  • Encouraging physical distancing in shared residential and community spaces.
  • Developing procedures for providing quarantine housing for residents who have symptoms of or exposure to COVID-19.
  • Providing each apartment on Dodge and Scott Campuses with cleaning and wellness supplies and directions regarding best practices for cleaning/disinfecting high-contact and shared surfaces.
  • Distributing cloth face coverings to all residents.
  • Implementing a residential testing program for COVID-19.

Will I still be allowed to have guests/visitors on campus?

Housing and Residence Life has modified our guest policy throughout the year depending on the number of positive COVID cases in the Omaha community and on campus.  We understand the importance of guests and visitors being allowed on campus, and our decisions have not been easy.  We opened in August 2020 with no restrictions.  During the months of September – December no guests were allowed, and late December through the present we have limited the number of guests in an apartment to two at a time with no more than six people total in an apartment.  We are continually reviewing this policy and will adjust depending on the spread of COVID 19 on campus.  Our hope is to impose the least amount of restriction as possible while keeping our community safe.



Will food service and dining halls be available on campus?

The dining facilities on Scott Campus are open and are working to provide healthy and safe dining options for all students and staff. Other dining facilities on campus are doing the same. These options may include pre-packaged meals, to-go options, and dining spaces that accommodate for physical distancing between diners. See the Scott Campus dining website for information on hours of operation for Scott Campus facilities and the UNO Building Access page for information on hours of operation for Dodge Campus facilities.


What is move-in going to look like in August?

Specific directions regarding move-in will be communicated to all residents prior to move-in. Residents can expect to see a drive-thru check-in process when they arrive to campus. All residents will be asked to bring no more than two guests to campus with them to assist with the move-in process.

International Students will be able to move in beginning in early August.  More information will be shared as we know more. 


What if I want to cancel my housing contract and live off campus?

Students who would like to cancel their contract should reach out to Housing and Residence Life at Information on HRL’s current policies regarding the cancellation of a housing contract can be found in the HRL Community Policies


What should I do if I develop COVID-19 symptoms while living on campus?

Students are encouraged to complete a daily self-screening using the “1-Check UNO” app available via smartphone app or web browser to assess and identify potential health risk factors.

If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, please do not visit the Nebraska Medicine-UNO Health Center.

If you have reason to believe you may have contracted COVID-19 or are experiencing symptoms, please contact the Nebraska Medicine-UNO Health Center at 402.554.2374 or your primary health provider and submit a BRT form for further guidance. If you are experiencing chest pain or difficulty breathing, please call 911 or visit the nearest emergency room.


How do I know if I should quarantine or if someone in my building has tested positive for COVID-19?

Once UNO’s Office of Health Security is notified of an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19, university protocol is initiated to mitigate further risk to our campus community. Individuals who are known to have had direct exposure to individuals with COVID-19 will be given timely notification and guidance. To be clear, unless you are contacted by UNO Health Security and/or Douglas County Health Department or are experiencing symptoms consistent with a COVID-19 infection, you do not need to quarantine.


What can I do if I have COVID-19 related accommodation requests?

If you have academic concerns associated with COVID-19, please complete the Behavioral Review Team (BRT) form indicating a COVID-19 related concern. After completing this step, please proceed to the process below, if applicable.

Medical Supervision allows students to regain lost attendance points and make up assignments and exams that were missed during excused absences. Accessibility Services Center (ASC) requires a letter or other documentation from the treating provider that states the date(s) or date range(s) supporting the medical care and inability to attend classes. Medical supervision is retroactive, so if the treating provider notates absences for past dates, they can still be submitted to ASC.

*Students do not need to be registered with ASC to receive medical supervision.

Accessibility Services Center (ASC) works specifically with UNO students with documented disabilities, including students that are at an increased risk for severe illness due to certain underlying medical conditions as defined by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). On receipt of valid documentation from a qualified healthcare provider, ASC will determine eligibility and appropriate COVID-19 related accommodations. 

PLEASE NOTE:  It will be necessary for most students to provide specific documentation from a qualified healthcare provider to assist in determination of eligibility for accommodations. Click Documentation Guidelines to learn about the specific information needed to assist in the determination of your eligibility for accommodations.

Connected Students
If you already work with ASC to access disability related accommodations, please contact us as soon as possible regarding your COVID-19 related concerns:

Accessibility Services Center
104 H&K Building
Phone: 402.554.2872 
Fax: 402.554.6015 

New Students
If you have not previously connected with ASC, please begin by completing our Student Intake Packet and email the forms to



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